GRO Artists

Bruce Mitchell

My intent as an artist is to draw upon nature, journeys into dream worlds and the unknown, and then bring life to those excursions through the language of sculpture.

Marie-Luise Klotz

Emerging Fellow for 2017– 2018, Marie-Luise is now an Artist Member of Gallery Route One.  

Isis Hockenos

Sweeping up sawdust on a windy day. Hilarity in futility. Female sense of urgency. sense of responsibility. sense of bondage. Complacency. Momentum. Forward pressure. Suspension. Joy, ease, playfulness and efficiency. Often, but a little at a...

Steven Hurwitz

For a photographer, the art is in the seeing. And having seen it, the rest is an act of a conjurer.

Linda MacDonald

Linda MacDonald: the mystique of the north woods, redwood trees, California issues, and closely examined nature

Johanna Baruch

Johanna Baruch: Paintings inspired by the intensity, beauty, color, movement and ultimate mystery of the universe

Marna Clarke

Marna Clarke, photograhy, capturing whatever strikes me as memorable, odd or interesting

Diana Marto

“Paper is my semaphore,” Diana Marto, visual & performance artist

Mimi Abers

Mimi Abers, clay is a material that never stops

Zea Morvitz

Zea Morvitz: works on paper, drawings, artist books

Mary Mountcastle Eubank

Mary Mountcastle Eubank, exploring relationships between spirit and matter, magical and natural processes

Will Thoms

Will Thoms, Acrylic paintings and mixed media


Vickisa: I love color and use it with abandon in my mixed media paintings.