Meet Fun People & Enjoy Great Art! Help GRO by VOLUNTEERING.

Meet Fun People & Enjoy Great Art! Help GRO by VOLUNTEERING.

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GRO Oct-Dec 2023 Exhibition Postcard
GRO Oct-Dec 2023 Exhibition Postcard

June 15 – July 27, 2024

CROSS CURRENTS Annual Artist Members’ Exhibition

Circumstances are out of our control. Many of us are feeling whiplashed by politics, climate change and the economy. The exhibition title ‘CROSS CURRENTS’, is broad enough to encompass the divergent works of gallery member artists and speaks to the zeitgeist of the time we are living in.

Participating Artists:
Jizell Albright, Charles Anselmo, Pat Augsburger, Kelley Berg, Austin Buckingham, Jenny-Lynn Hall, Steven Hurwitz, Betsy Kellas, Mirka Knaster, Sofia Gonzalez, Renée Owen, Bruce Mitchell, Taryn Möller Nicoll, Zea Morvitz, Mary Mountcastle, Airiel Mulvaney, Will Thoms, Vickisa, Ellen Vogel, EA Zappa.


Wednesday, July 17, 2024, at 6 PM

Join host Pamela Blotner in conversation with Mimi Chakarova.

Grab a glass of wine or tea and Zoom with us for a discussion about art and process and discover opportunities for artists too.  Hope to see you there!

The event is FREE, suggested donation $20.

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