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Point Reyes Station, CA 94956

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Each painting I do is really the same painting. A continuous moment of space, quiet, chaos, and the unknown. Expressions on canvas/paper/wood that dance between the inner world and the physical, always with the intention to bring forth what is unseen.

When I feel untethered, painting moves me into a primal mode; the reptilian, instinctual part of me is fully present and the conscious, cautious, careful me is gone. I work in the sacred realm in an instinctual manner; grabbing paints and mixing right on the canvas. I’m scraping away layers, balancing weightlessness and groundedness.

Inspired by the Rothko Chapel, I’m drawn to create contemplative spaces. While working on an individual painting I’m also aware it’s one of many taking the form of installation. Each series/installation is unique in its theme and intention, from an installation on the primordial sound to a space that holds the fragility of breath.

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Airiel Mulvaney | CV
Berkeley CA

Solo Exhibitions
2020-2021 The Gayatri Mantra 108 Exhibition, First Unitarian Universalist Society of SF, San Francisco CA
2011 The Divine Mother, Alta Bates Community Art Gallery, Berkeley CA
2005 Oasis: The Quarterly at Latham Square, sponsored by ProArts, Oakland CA
2005 Breathing Again, Spanda Gallery, Oakland CA
2002 The Breath of Space: Paintings as Installation, MFA Graduate Exhibition, JFKU Arts & Consciousness Gallery, Berkeley, CA
1998 Golden Mind, The Literary Bookstore and Gallery, Boulder CO

Group Exhibitions
2023 Seen and Imagined: Gallery Route One, Point Reyes CA
2020 Alumni Artists-in-Residence Exhibition: Group 2: Online Exhibition
2016 Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, Juried by Brian Gross, Novato CA
2013 Lucid Art Residency Exhibition, Gallery Route One, Point Reyes CA
2008 Seven Artists Respond to Mary Oliver, Enso, Half Moon Bay CA
2006 Merging of Art and Yoga, Yogakula, Berkeley CA
2004 New Visions 04, Juried by Rene di Rosa and Jack Rasmussen, PRO ARTS Gallery, Oakland CA
2004 Tonal Exhibition, Curated by Val Asenjo, The Art of the Sun Gallery, San Jose CA
2003 Viscera, A Collaboration of Four Artists, The Nexus Gallery, Berkeley CA
2002, 2 x 2, JFKU Arts & Consciousness Gallery, Berkeley CA
2001 Livework, Exhibition of Four Artists, JFKU Arts & Consciousness Gallery, Berkeley 2001 2 x 2, JFKU Arts & Consciousness Gallery, Berkeley CA
2000 Believe in Love, SYDA Foundation, Atlanta GA
2000 Home, Exhibition of Four Artists, JFKU Arts & Consciousness Gallery, Berkeley CA, 2000 2 x 2, JFKU Arts & Consciousness Gallery, Berkeley CA, 2000
1992 Untitled, Jacqueline Burke Gallery, Santa Fe NM
1990 Untitled, The Aries Gallery, Houston TX

Clio Award Finalist, 1986
Houston Ad Federation, 1983-88 1990
Telly Awards, 1987, 1988
National Addy, 1987
Dallas Society of Visual Communications, 1987
Addy’s-Regional, 1987
Print Regional Design Annual, 1986

MFA in Studio Arts, John F. Kennedy University, Berkeley CA
BFA Graphics, SFASU, Nacogdoches TX

A Place of Creation, by Fariba Bogzaron, Lucid Art Foundation’s Residency, 2024

Private Collections
The White Rose Foundation

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