11101 Highway One, Ste. 1101
Point Reyes Station, CA 94956

Open 11 AM – 5 PM
Thursday – Monday

Becca Barolli, Out of Hand

Becca Barolli, Out of Hand

…time, in these pieces Barolli expresses not only an inherent acceptance of disorder, but also a creative departure from any expected use of the traditional materials of her craft. www.beccabarolli.com…

Fellowship Program

…Anderson, 2022-23 Shannon O’Neill Creighton, 2020-21 Annie Duncan, 2020-21 Dane Singh, 2019-20 Becca Barolli, 2019-20 Marie-Luise Klotz, 2018-19 Hannah Mode, 2018-19 Kathy Siroco, 2017-18 Tania Houtzager, 2017-18 Isis Hockenos, 2016-17…

Current Exhibitions

…Anselmo, Ann Asman, Pat Augsburger, Becca Barolli, Joe Barr, Johanna Baruch, Kelley Berg, Madeleine Graham Blake, Britt Block, Virginia (Ginny) Barton Brownback, Austin Buckingham, Bill Chayes, Marna Clarke, Anna Corba,…

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