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Gallery Route One, Artist’s Exchange with Becca Barolli & Gina Telcocci: Weaving Space

Hosted by Pamela Blotner

I’d like to introduce two sculptors who use line or what I call “linear mass” to crate their simpatico, but very singular art. Not that long ago, Gina Telcocci mover to the Bay Area from New Mexico. Becca Barolli was recently one of Gallery Route One’s Artist Fellows.

Gina Telcocci sees “the physical world” as her primary influence, as well as the very processes she uses to make her artworks, basket weaving, joinery, sewing and weaving.

“I use earthy, common, and found materials and choose forms and media instinctively. Contour, line, volume, structure, color, surface, texture,” she says, “These are the vocabulary I use when assembling objects and installations. I fashion things by hand using mostly simple, ancient techniques (basketry, joinery, sewing & weaving), which are profoundly rich in meaning and feeling.”

Becca Barolli also uses weaving, along with braiding and knotting in her work, but with unlikely materials, such as wire and industrial rubber, making abstract sculptures out of steel wire and using textile processes to examine obsession and control.”

“These sculptures are made of steel wire instead of conventional fibers, subverting textiles as a medium and pushing the range of expectations associated with hard and soft. This is done to assert the overlooked potential for strength in what is often considered women’s work and vulnerability in what is commonly associated with masculinity and industrialization.”

Zoom Controller; Shelley Rugg
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