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Category: Art Projects at Home

Draw, Fold, Imagine and Improvise!

Art doesn't need to be a sit down activity: follow Diana Marto's recipe to shake up your creativity! This is especially fun with a partner, but you will also enjoy doing it alone. This project should be done in an open space: your deck, yard, studio,...

Make Your Own Zine

Here's a totally simple way to make a tiny ZINE with 8 pages out of one sheet of paper!. Download the PDF then find one sheet of paper, a pencil and scissors.When you've made your Zine, draw some cool cartoons in it and send us photos so we can post it here!Scroll...

The Tightrope (Life is a Circus!)

Life is a Circus and here's a project that will have you balancing your art on a tightrope, You will need: a sheet of paper (heavy paper is best for this project, but any paper will do)GlueStringPencil, colored pencils, markers, paintFollow Vickisa as she...

Point Reyes Coloring Book

Point Reyes Coloring Book

Two sets of coloring book pages!Photographer Elizabeth Fenwick captured scenes and signs around Point Reyes and Inverness for you to color.You will need: colored pencils, markers or crayons and a printer to print out the pages. Please pick out your favorite page and...

Make an Artbox!

Make an Artbox!

Your art box can hold things or it can be a paper sculpture; make two or three and stack them up.Send us a snapshot of your finished project. 

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