Upcoming Events

November 16 – December 23
Igor Sazevich: Time in my Art
Peg Hunter: Confronting Borders
Johanna Baruch: Here | Everywhere

Reception: Saturday, Nov. 17, 3:00 to 5 PM
Artist talks with Igor Sazevich and Johanna Baruch at 2:30 before the reception
Artist talk by Peg Hunter, Sunday, Dec. 1 at 3 PM

December 28 – February 3, 2019
Bruce Mitchell: From a Language of Forms
Earth/Unearth, Art Practice and Ecological Inquiry
Nancy Bertelsen,Toni Littlejohn, Stephanie Sanchez, Peter Whitehead; Sally Weare, Shane Weare. Curated by Patti Trimble
Diana Marto: A Stone is Singing, Canto XXVIII
Reception: Saturday, Dec. 29, 3:00 to 5 PM
Artist talks at 2:30 before the reception
Illustrated panel presentation
related to Earth/Unearth, Sunday, January 20, 3 PM; artist in the exhibition will speak; audience invited to participate.