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The Seed, Cycles of Life is the theme of GRO’s Artists in the School’s program for 2020-21. The theme embraces core aspects of growth in the natural world and discovery of personal growth and identity in the individual student. Students look at environment, diverse cultures and communities and respond using a variety of artist mediums.

This year the program is being taught by more than ten different Teaching Artists living in Marin, the Greater Bay Area, and as far north as Portland, and as far south as Mexico. Their projects explore the theme of The Seed through botanical illustration, seed architecture, and drawing outdoors in nature. Other Teaching Artists have chosen to explore the Cycle of Life, by asking students to explore their own identities and personal growth through writing poetry about their transformation during the pandemic, or by creating self-portraits.

For the first time in the program’s history all AIS projects are available online as a series of free video workshops. By holding its classes online, the Artists in the Schools Program found an opportunity to bring the voices and perspectives of Teaching Artists and Educators from outside the Bay Area, a benefit the Gallery hopes to continue and expand in the coming year. By offering students pre-recorded sequential videos online, the students can choose to watch their class -assigned videos and also have free access to the whole set of Lesson Projects to view at any time. In the coming year the Gallery hopes to expand the online library of offerings to include more videos which can be enjoyed by K-12 students and their families. We invite the community to join us online. Please explore all the projects mentioned above and more.

This year’s Teaching Artists

Gallery Route One invites artists to apply and participate in the Artists in the Schools Program for the 2021-22 academic year.

This year, the Artists in the Schools theme is “Water, Wind and Visualizing the Unseen” which lends itself to many artistic ideas and curricular connections. We anticipate the program this year will be adapted to accommodate distance learning, and evolve as the academic year progresses. 

Applications are open from June 1- August 15th, 2021

Please send your completed application form to:

More About Artists In The Schools
A Decade with AIS

A Decade with AIS

A very special AIS 25th birthday celebration and tribute to Madeline Neito Hope, Fri., June 15th, 2018 The AIS program has been shepherded by Madeline Nieto Hope for the last decade. This year the program passed from Madeline’s loving hands to local sculptor and...

Birding in the Giacomini Wetlands

Birding in the Giacomini Wetlands

  Apr 10, 2018 / Third Graders visited the Giacomini Wetlands and learned about birding as part of GRO's Artists in the Schools Program.  Students will be showing their work at Toby's Gallery in June. GRO's Latino Photography Project students went along and took...

A New Coordinator for AIS

A New Coordinator for AIS

Joe Fox is the new coordinator for Gallery Route One’s Artists in the Schools program, replacing Madeline Hope who will continue to work in the program. Joe, who lives in Point Reyes, is also a new artist member of Gallery Route One. Joe recently gave this report...