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  1. In Posts, select Add New button to create a new post OR select the Duplicate link under the desired Post to edit a previously published one.
    NOTE: do NOT select the Use The Divi Builder button; this special Video Post format only works in native WordPress Posts.
  2. Enter a title in following format: Artists’ Exchange with [enter artist(s) name] – [date of video recording]
  3. Add only YouTube link found by visiting video at YouTube and selecting the Share link under the video, Copy the link, finally paste in the body of the post.
    NOTE: Adding the YouTube Embed code is unnecessary and will break the WordPress automated video handling feature used here.
  4. Enter descriptive text to be seen under the video on the live page to help with SEO (this description is often found on the YouTube page description).
  5. Enter an abbreviated summary (or what was entered in step 4 if it’s brief).
  6. Set the published date to the same as when the video was recorded as seen in the title from step 2.
  7. IMPORTANT: Select Video as the Format. This is essential otherwise WordPress won’t display the video properly on detail or index pages.
  8. Select Artists’ Exchange and Video as the categories.
  9. Select Publish (or Update) button to go live with the post.

CONDITIONS: Setting Date & Time CONDITIONS on Sections, Rows, and Modules

CONDITIONS are utilized extensively throughout the site to make content dis/appear based on date and time.

Sections, Rows, and Modules are manually labeled with “CONDITION:…” so they’re easy to identify when editing the theme’s content blocks:


  1. Locate a Section, Row, or Module you’d like to add or edit an existing CONDITION then select the Gear icon to open its Settings.
  2. Select the Advanced tab and then Conditions toggle (See FIGURE 1 below).
  3. If a condition exists already then select the gear icon for the item appearing under Display Conditions. Otherwise, select Add Condition and then Date & Time from the list that appears.
  4. IMPORTANT: First select the Is Before or Is After from the Display Only If Current Date drop menu. This will tell the system to either show the content in question before the date to be set or after the set date.
  5. Select a date on the calendar, then set the Hour and Minute fields using 24 hour time (so, 5:00pm is 17:00), then give it an Admin Label such as Show before March 13, 5pm (now select and copy this text to your clipboard). Finally, select green check icon OK button in lower right. Now the CONDITION is set (see FIGURE 2 below).
  6. Ensure the CONDITION is apparent to yourself and others by adjusting the Admin label on the Section, Row, or Module: After selecting OK on the CONDITION settings in step 5 above, select the Content tab on the same Section, Row, or Module. At the bottom is the Admin Label toggle. Open it and select the field then type “CONDITION: ” then paste from your clipboard. With our example the result would read: CONDITION: Show before March 13, 5pm (See FIGURE 3 below).
  7. Select the green check icon OK button on the Section, Row, or Module Settings panel to finalize all of the changes.
  8. Finally, don’t forget to Update or Publish the page so the above edits are saved and live to the public.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Conditional content should only be published on pages that DO NOT cache (because cached content can stick, thereby leaving the previous content intact and not show the conditional change).

In the right column under LiteSpeed Options, activate the Disable Cache toggle before Updating or Publishing the page (if it’s not already activated).




Manually Set Gravity Form's Posts To Private & Published

Forms submissions that create posts (Fellowship, Member Artist, and Visiting Artists Program) are always initialized as Pending with Privacy NOT activated. This is from a limitation imposed by the Gravity Forms plugin and our middle tier subscribed.

After a new form entry/post created, manually set each post via the following instructions:

  1. Log in and goto Posts
  2. Find the relevant post (you can sort by categories like Fellowship, etc.)
  3. Hover mouse over the post entry and select Quick Edit
  4. Select Private checkbox and choose Status > Published drop menu (note that Allow Comments should be checked too)
  5. Select Update

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