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Zack, Alana – One More Month

Story of the Box

One More Month

Acrylic on wood, 2021

My scenes are pictures of longing and my compositions search for harmony. I am interested in what happens when humans escape from daily demands and distractions, when figures bring greater attention to themselves, others, and their immediate surroundings. The realities I reach for in my work offer a more primal existence, a world pared down to place, gathering, solitude and contemplation. I investigate the contexts where humans feel most human. How do we group and isolate ourselves? What shapes do we take when we find freedom to relax on a rock? What is it to occupy a body? Currently my work focuses on human bodies, abstract bodies, and bodies of water. Water takes the body elsewhere. Drawing from dreamscapes, memory, and my coastal upbringing, I am exploring what it means to swim, float, and bathe — in water and on land, alone and among others, in this universe and in another.




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