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Wixsom, Margo – Inverness Landmarks

Story of the Box

Two of my favorite landmarks in Inverness are the wreck of the Point Reyes – the trawler that ran aground in 1957 off the tip of Martinelli Park behind the Inverness Grocery Store. Farther down Tomales Bay is the lovely outline of Black Mountain, more affectionately known as Elephant Mountain or Knuckle Mountain. In this acrylic painting I’ve compressed the perspective to make the mountain much closer to the shipwreck to celebrate my two favorite Inverness landmarks.

I’ve taken thousands of photographs of Tomales Bay, especially when there are various cloud formations. I am member 41,001 of the Cloud Appreciation Society. I painted clouds in sets of 3 because that’s my lucky number and I pass along that luck to the owner of this box. I used a photo of the mountain in springtime when it is lush and green and selected a photo of the shipwreck from 2012 before one irresponsible photographer set our landmark on fire a few years ago. I also added some whimsy in a pair of flipflops left behind in the marshlands.


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