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Thelin, Jasper – The Demoblican and Republicrat Corporatocracy Swamp

Story of the Box

“The Demoblican and Republicrat
Corporatocracy Swamp”
(Magic: the Gathering cards and Mod-Podge)

The third year in my Magic: the Gathering colors of mana series brings us to the dark realm of the fetid Swamp. My first year was the light protection and unity from Plains, and last year brought the illusion and knowledge of Island. I enjoyed curating the images and card names for those boxes, because they were beautiful. Thus I was a bit trepidatious this year because the rotting fumes and sinister cards on the docket aren’t aspirational.

But I decided to embrace to grotesque and make the whole thing a metaphor for the rapacious consumerism and corporate tyranny that rules our national politics. For the whole story, start reading in the corner with Sinister Concoction, and follow the journey of corruption and dis-ease around the rim of the box!

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