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Salin, Sierra – Goldy Box and the Three Beers

Story of the Box

Sierra Emoji Salin is a human in training with no titles, no degrees, and no credibility aside from the divine spark which we all share. Some of us may cross our T’s and dot our I’s, while some of us may cross our eyes and drink some teas, and we all has a piece of the puzzle. I believe that we all needs each others, and that we are ALL Fool Of “IT.” And, we shall see, eh?

I have been pondering for a long long long long time, what is an education, how does we gets or gives one, and, is it possible to re-educate ourselves or others, without killing each other in knee jerking responses of unexamined beliefs and being “right.” How valid are any of our “beliefs” and how do we address them in any way, when generally and too often, all we do is shoot, and entrench in sides, none of which are entirely accurate?

I see humanity devouring the Commons of Nature which supports life as we know it, as if humans are or were the only things which matter, and as if money and buy products are more important than functioning whole diverse ecosystems? Fires, floods, sea levels rising, pandemics, etc, seem to be happening, continually, one before another, and, how long will we ignore it all, rather than facing realty and reality, and changing how we live?

We have continual opportunities to change and makes our choices with every waking dollar and every trash can we send away week after year.

Is it possible to re-eduate adults or to change our “Beliefs?”

And, what ARE we choosing?

Life IS art and we are ALL living and refining our “art”

Sierra Salin from an insecure nondisclothed location somewhat near the South East Central North West fringe of local nonpecific realty through half fool glasses


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