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Musso, Juliet – Welcome to Bolinas. Now Keep On Moving

Story of the Box

Bolinas, CA
“Welcome to Bolinas, Now Keep on Moving”
Antique wallpaper; newspaper; wood dye

This collage evolved from what I originally envisioned as an assemblage with drift detritus to the current piece, which feels reminiscent of a treasure map or fragmentary painting. The newsprint is from an old New York Times article I found while digging through some boxes. It was dated 2000, title: “Welcome to Bolinas, Now Keep on Moving.” It discusses a lot of our perennial issues—water scarcity; gentrification threats; fear of change. Now twenty years later, these issues have only magnified. I incorporated fragments of this found paper into the collage, which now speaks to me about growth and loss, about keeping what is precious at hand while being willing to see it change. My husband cut the box down to fit as a frame, and I died the wood with textile dye.


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