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Lakes, Leslie – Swing In Out of Season

Title of Art Box: “Swing, In and Out of Season

This is my third consecutive year participating in the GRO annual Art Box Show. It took eight years of entering before (via lottery) my name was drawn. Oh, happy day that was!

My work is conceptual in the sense that I contemplate an idea for a long while before commencing execution, and like life itself, the creative art process is largely organic. This piece obviously started with a box and began even prior to knowing what size or shape box we would be given. With all my artwork, I strive to create drawings, paintings, sculptures and art shadow boxes that are at once classy witty, playful, whimsical and in this case, interactive. And, my art most usually combines my love of anything nostalgic and/or of an antique and vintage nature, including vintage photographs, ephemera, as well as animals, music, dance, poetry themes…and in this case – TREE SWINGS!

“Swing, In and Out of Season” started with an original vintage 1940’s swing frame. If, interested, you can see the progression of this art box piece by requesting the print out from Jenny-Lynn.

Thank you and enjoy!


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