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Hamid, Diana – Bricolage a la Kabir aka The Red Rooster

Story of the Box

‘bricolage – (in art or literature) construction from a diverse range of available things.’

I collect interesting objects that I see on my walks. I never know when or if I will use them. This year I opted for a deconstructed box. I had in mind a small shrine and had planned to simply cut down the size of the box especially the sides. But as I worked I realized this piece wanted to be flat!

I brought out stuff I have been collecting for the past several decades. I re purposed some things and added new items as I composed. The star of this piece I think is the rooster skull I found while walking in the sugar cane fields of Kauai in 1995. It has waited a long, long time to be part of an art piece!

I enjoyed combining the found objects with glass tiles I had on hand. I like how this one turned out in fact I wouldn’t mind keeping it! But I am dedicated to the fundraising process for Gallery Route One and will let it go to the highest bidder. Enjoy!

Diana Hamid


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