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Church, Susan – Zebras At Sunset

Story of the Box

This is my sixth box, and the first one that’s argued with me. I was going to try string art again, since I wasn’t that pleased with a previous effort. Then, I found the zebra, which had to be part of it. O.k, I would cover the inside with black and white-checked contact paper, put brightly colored string in a series of entwined hammock-like structures and call it “How to Confuse a Zebra.”

Nobody I mentioned this to was encouraging, and the box just sneered. “Look at my grain! You have contour lines for a desert, then straight lines for a sunset, and even a knothole for the sun. If you must have the zebra, make it ‘A Zebra at Sunset’.”

“That requires painting. I can’t paint.”

“It will practically paint itself. I’ve done all the work. Just Google it.”

Indeed, there were several entries for “How to Paint a Sunset – Easy.”

I had a set of watercolors that I had bought when a psychic insisted that I needed them. That was almost 20 years ago. Apparently she had seen this coming.

“O.k.,” I told the box. I’ll try. But if it sucks, I’m covering your whole inside with contact paper.”

“Don’t be so negative.”

The desert was supposed to extend up the back of the inside but was too dark. It looked like a crude hill and the contour lines didn’t show up.

“I’m going for the contact paper.”

“Relax. Go eat a taco, then look at it again.”

The taco did help. I decided to try a little more, to see how the colors of the sunset would come out. To my surprise, I liked them.


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