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Capasso, Jon – Box Turtle Box

Story of the Box

Artist Statement and Box Story

Creativity is a meditative process for me, something into which I can easily lose myself for hours on end. Listening to music while I create my designs helps to transport me to that intuitive “zone” where thinking and feeling merge into one.

Nature is abundant with objects of extraordinary beauty, of quiet simplicity and of challenging complexity. As I move through the world, I am always looking for subjects that I can transform into compelling abstract designs.

In my process, I manipulate photographs using a variety of digital tools to transform the original subject — changing hue, increasing saturation levels, distorting, layering, blending, and applying other effects — until I arrive at the final image.

I am fascinated with and drawn to vibrant colors, and I love experimenting with juxtaposing colors in unexpected ways. I often strive to achieve an effect that makes it appear that the image was painted, though I rarely have a brush in my hand. My work exists primarily in the digital realm, although now and then I do produce prints.

My box this year was inspired by the amazing patterns on the shells of Box Turtles. The painted box acts as a frame for the central image inside the box, which is a tiled repetition that I generated from a photograph of a grid of nine turtles, mounted so that it appears to float inside the box’s interior. On the sides of the box, each individual image is my digital manipulation and interpretation of a single turtle shell. I hope you enjoy viewing my “Box Turtle Box” as much as I enjoyed making it!


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