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Bostroem, Vanya – Fat Blue Note

Story of the Box


For this year’s box I decided to mix control with randomness. I decided on a technique, sticking odd size bits of blue masking tape on the inside of the box (random) and spray painting over them of a color I chose (control), then removing the bits of masking tape to expose the masking. That is step one. Then, I repeat the process five times, using a different color spray paints, until I’m happy with what I am looking at. When to stop is always a tricky call.
The only thing I control are the colors of the spray paint and the density of the bits of masking tape. The colors I picked, in order of application, were black, white. gold, yellow, red, black.. I include a photo of the piles of removed masking tape. Once I had reached a satisfactory pattern, I let it sit for a while. a week or two, or more, until some idea emerges. That can happen anytime, day or night.

What I had done was clearly a background, but for what? An idea began to emerge.
What I had done reminded me of random noise. What if I made a big fat blue note and suspended it in front of the background? Nice contrast! Voila!



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