Adams, Christopher – Is It Over Yet?

Box Story for “Is It Over Yet?”

My boxes in previous years have tended toward whimsical or political puns: “A Box of Bachs,” “Thinking Inside the Box,” “Laundered Money.” The last, in 2019, was by far the most time consuming. I carefully redrew the $1, $2, and $20 bills to remove their slave owner presidential portraits and replaced Washington, Jefferson, and Jackson with, respectively, Harriet Tubman, Sally Hemmings, and James Baldwin. I gave Baldwin the $20 bill so I could do the reverse side as a White House lit up with rainbow lights–perfect. But so much for effort, as it brought the least at auction. I tell myself it was a year too early; it would have been a best-seller last year when I reached into West Marin history to recall a happy memory (“Remembering Jeanne-Claude and Christo”).

This year family health problems and perhaps too much reading of the New York Times have dampened my usual optimism. Even though the pandemic is lessened and politics are better, I am not contemplating the future with much hope and regard the recent past with unease. We seem to have survived four years of Trump and two years of Covid-19. I hope we have survived January 6. Had I more time, there are other clouds I could have drawn. Some will surely blow in before we reach that rainbow.

Christopher Adams, June 29, 2021

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