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Open 11 AM – 5 PM
Thursday – Monday


Artist and writer, Deborah Kennedy presents a lively exploration of the artwork and poetry from her award-winning book.


Nature Speaks: Art and Poetry Alive is a lively exploration of the artwork and poetry of Deborah Kennedy from her award-winning book, Nature Speaks: Art and Poetry for the Earth.

The performance will occur in her evocative eco installation, Sanctuary. She will read poetry and discuss compelling topics related to ecology and the natural world.

This presentation will introduce viewers not only to our ecological challenges, but also to the mysteries of ice halos, the life cycles of redwood trees, and to models of holistic thinking that can help us move toward a thriving world. Don’t miss her ocean drum!

Note: All attendees will receive a free copy of her award-winning book, Nature Speaks:Art and Poetry for the Earth.
Masks must be worn inside the gallery.

An artist and writer, Deborah Kennedy’s work is presented in the United States and Europe. Her book, Nature Speaks: Art and Poetry for the Earth, won the 2017 Eric Hoffer poetry book award and was described by their reviewer as “fascinating, thought-provoking, and soul-stirring.”

She frequently presents her work to ecology, poetry and student groups. Her poetry has appeared in: The Midwest Quarterly: A Journal of Contemporary Thought; Canary: A Literary Journal of the Environmental Crisis; great weather for MEDIA; among others. She has a local history of riding horses across Point Reyes and doing construction work in Inverness.

Today, she often hikes in the mountains spotting baby rattlesnakes, banana slugs and hawks.

About the Book
Deborah Kennedy’s book, Nature Speaks: Art and Poetry for the Earth, has been recognized with two national book awards–the Eric Hoffer Poetry Book and the Silver Nautilus. Kennedy’s captivating poetry and illustrations bring to life the profound bond between ourselves and the larger natural world. She focuses on the ecological themes of our time, infusing art and science with insight and passion.

Her powerful poetry and earth-toned ink illustrations feature the elegance of birds and strength of redwood trees, appealing to the eye, the mind and the heart. Nature Speaks invites us to listen to the earth–to appreciate nature’s grace, complexity, and vigor–as we move toward pathways for healing ourselves and the earth.


Date & Time
Sun, October 2, 2022
4:30 PM – 5:15 PM

Gallery Route One
11101 California 1
Point Reyes Station, CA 94956

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