Cameron-Hawkins, Ian – Houses of Healing


This box, Houses of Healing, is meant to give a visual representation of a place – whether internal or physical – to connect with Peace!  To recharge and bring Harmony to our Spirits, to recenter our Hearts, and to soothe our battered psyches.

I began working with LEGO as the focal constructive material of my artwork a few years ago.  It has now become my primary, and for the time being my only, artistic source material. I’ve always had a deep spiritual connection to color – the interplay and connection between complementary and contrasting colors sharing space and setting a mood or sharing a feeling.

LEGO bricks have allowed me an entirely new way of expressing those moods and feelings.  To perhaps give the eye a place to fall where those complements and contrasts can give a moment of peace, a smile or laugh of remembrance, or a thought or two towards joy, friendship, and healing; as in this piece, the Houses of Healing.

You can look deeper into the main House and perhaps see places where one might recline or repose with one’s inner self.  Perhaps a shaft of color light from one of the many windows might strike the eye and face and set off a happy remembrance.  Or as whole, the notion of there being a place where there might be help from others, bringing comfort to the spirit as well as a hot toddy and a good friend.

The exterior Cottages – and free-floating Cottages of Healing out and around on Auction Day – are meant as reminders to share your own Spirit of Healing with friends, with family, as well as with complete strangers; all of whom might well need a reminder that Healing is possible.


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l*********7 $333.00 2021-07-26 20:11:13
j********n $50.00 2021-07-25 04:11:31
Start auction $50.00 July 24, 2021 6:00 pm

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