August 1 _ September 14

Member Artists

Johanna Baruch

Johanna Baruch: Paintings inspired by the intensity, beauty, color, movement and ultimate mystery of the universe

Jessica Eastburn

Jessica Eastburn, swatches and snippets of patterns and motifs and layers of pop culture iconography …

Ann Knickerbocker

Ann Knickerbocker, "Brown," m/m on paper,...

Igor Sazevich

Igor Sazevich, landscapes of the mind

Marna Clarke

Marna Clarke, photograhy, capturing whatever strikes me as memorable, odd or interesting

t.c. moore

t.c. moore: Abstract ephemeral assemblies of natural materials mixed with traditional art materials; enigmatic, ethereal, ghostlike, primeval

Madeline Nieto Hope

Madeline Nieto Hope, mixed media upcycled materials

Marj Burgstahler Stone

Marj Burgstahler Stone, Gun Club Series

Diana Marto

Diana Marto, mixed media work on paper

Andrew Romanoff

Andrew Romanoff, Shrink Art!

Geraldine LiaBraaten

Geraldine LiaBraaten: Photographs!

Dorothy Nissen

Dorothy Nissen: Mixed media and altered books

Betty Woolfolk

Betty Woolfolk: The Museum of Curious Thought is an ongoing project using mixed media assemblage sculpture and upcycled materials to create pseudo-scientific museum scenarios.

Mimi Abers

Mimi Abers, clay is a material that never stops

Zea Morvitz

Zea Morvitz: works on paper, drawings, artist books

Mary Mountcastle Eubank

Mary Mountcastle Eubank, exploring relationships between spirit and matter, magical and natural processes

Tim Graveson

Tim Graveson, books in the landscape

Candace Loheed

Candace Loheed: When I feel a surge of energy and growth, I  get wild and abandon myself to weedy, botanically derivative, fanciful things on paper.

Suzanne Parker

Suzanne Parker, painting for me is an exploration into the inner world of the psyche

Will Thoms

Will Thoms, Acrylic paintings and mixed media

Mole Dinner: Sept. 20

You’re invited to our 4th Mole Dinner, Saturday, Sept. 20 from 6PM at the Dance Palace.  More details.  or buy tickets now!

Latino Photography Project

Gallery  Route  One’s  Latino  Photography  Project began its 11th year in January, 2014.  The  project embraces two programs, an adult photography class and classes for youth (grades 6 through 12) as an in school elective and an afterschool lab.

Artists in the Schools

The Gallery Route One Artists in Schools (AIS) program staff are committed to art practice, art history and the applied arts. Environmental education is a guiding principle of our arts program.

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