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Thursday – Monday


Morvitz, Zea and Graveson, Tim – Myriorama

Story of the Box

A 19th Century Game. Before radio, TV, social media and online games, there were other home entertainments. In the evenings families read aloud, played charades or card games and some lucky persons might have a set of myriorama cards for story telling. Myrioramas are picture cards that suggest different stories, depending on how the cards are laid out and what the players can imagine.

ACCORDING TO WIKIPEDIA: Myriorama originally referred to a set of illustrated cards that players could arrange and re-arrange, forming different pictures. Later the name also applied to scrolling images and performances. The word myriorama was invented to mean myriad pictures, following the model of panorama or diorama.

THIS 2021 MYRIORAMA is a set of cards with ambiguous figures in an ambiguous landscape. Lay all the cards out at once then invent a complete story to match, or lay the cards out one at a time and spin the tale as new images turn up. When not in use as a parlor game, the storage box provides a handsome frame for changeable art.


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