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From Entry: Visiting Artist Program Exhibition Proposal 2022-23

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Proposal Details

Project Space Theme:
Social Justice issues

Proposal Exhibition:
Silent No More: a history of anti-Asian discrimination in the U.S.
14+ works chronicling the history of anti-Asian discrimination in our country, starting from the mid-1800’s to present. The focus is on the Chinese American and Japanese American experience.

Artist Statement:
Mixed Media Artist

A child is made of possibility. Those who knew me as a child saw a creative in the making. But a career in business suppressed that budding artist until my 40s when, on a lark, I attended a collage workshop at a local community college. Collage and assemblage spoke to me; they are such freeing mediums. I can express anything, with anything—paper, metal, found objects, and different types of paints.

My work is a conduit for my feelings about past and present injustices. My themes include the history of Chinese and Japanese Americans, Native Americans, Maoist China, and global events. My work is universal, yet highly personal–informed by my experiences and the stories of my family and community. My grandparents immigrated to the U.S. in the late 1920’s and while I was raised very “American,” I have never forgotten my “otherness.”

In response to increasing polarization in the U.S., I have developed a series of collages and assemblages focusing on racism against Chinese- and Japanese-Americans. I hope my works will build viewers’ awareness of AAPI history and call attention to the racism, both historical and shockingly fresh, against our people.

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To the best of my knowledge the information I’ve supplied is true. / The artwork I am submitting is my own or is the artwork by the collaborating artist(s) named.

Additional notes regarding this project:
In the past, I have hung by work with Command strips or sitting in wire stands. They are not framed. Most works are on canvas board with acrylic, images, and found objects. Sizes of the artwork vary from largest of 20"x11" to smallest of 5"x7" with most 8"x10."

A YouTube with me speaking about this exhibit to patrons of the San Mateo County Library System is here: youtu.be/wqKOpL9QvKY

Submitted on 11/08/2022 from: Visiting Artist Program Exhibition Proposal 2022-23

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