Shannon O’Neill-Creighton and Annie Duncan are Gallery Route One’s Artist Fellows for 2020-2021. Both artists will be exhibiting in Resilience, the Artist Member’s exhibition, December 12 through January 18, 2021. About her work, O’Neill-Creighton says, “Returning to the origins of photography, my artistic approach thrives through the constraints of hand-made practices of analog photography and printmaking. My practice involves medium and large format photography and tricolor gum-printing – a process of making color photographs by hand. The way I am forced to slow down with the analog nature of these practices tells a story that places value on the handmade, inherently subject to the constraints of nature and therefore imbued with feeling and spirit. Above: Shannon O’Neill-Creighton, Moonrise, Cyanotype

Annie Duncan writes of her work, “I try to approach color and the figure in ways that are tender, bold, and surprising. In my work, I reference flatness as well as depth, playing with representation. In both printmaking and painting, I use pattern to build shapes and spaces. I am influenced by the style and technique of quilts, textiles, and collages, and I see my paintings as sharing a similar approach. Above: Annie Duncan, Saski and Vanessa.