Artist Statement:

Obsession with the human form is easy to understand. There is always some kind of self-portrait involved, a psychic/physical exploration of the self.

What ignites my thinking about a new piece can be some simple visual phenomena: the look of a plump thigh on the sand; an odd branch of a tree; a striking photo in the news, the movement of a figure dancing. No matter how it starts, though, my work reflects my personal demons: fear of aging; feelings of constriction or pain; feeling of helplessness and annoyance over my limitations or some foolish regret.

For years I have chosen clay as my primary medium because I’m enamored with texture, and clay is a material that never stops. Recently I’ve enjoyed casting glass which has another kind of texture plus the addition of luminosity and opacity. Mixing the mediums allows for expanding beyond their individual limitations and sometimes results in interesting trouble.

More Information:

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